The Ranger Pickleball Paddle is the first piece of equipment intended for kids 12 and under. It has a slim profile and large sweet spot so that it's easy for children to handle while providing a responsive feel. The longer handle also allows little players to use two hands while hitting the ball if they're having trouble whacking it over the net with one. 

The Ranger Pickleball Paddle weighs a light 6.5 - 6.9 oz and has a broad 8" face so there's plenty of surface area. The grip is small but nicely cushioned. This paddle does not have Paddletek's full lifetime warranty, but they do still back it up with a one-year guarantee. It uses their standard, strong polymer core to offer durability with control. 

The Ranger Pickleball Paddle is a wonderful choice for young picklers who want a paddle tailored just for them.


Available in the following colors: pink, orange, blue, and green

Paddletek Ranger


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