The ProLite SuperNova Pro Graphite Paddle uses input from national champion Simone Jardim and the best qualities of the Titan Pro to create a paddle that's perfect for power hitters and anyone craving unparalleled balance. A longer handle allows players to employ backhanded hits while making use of a larger and more responsive sweet spot. Despite its glossy surface, the SuperNova is adept at "grabbing" balls so that it's easier to add spin. 

A number of factors during manufacturing cause the SuperNova Pro Graphite Paddle to have a feel similar to the strings of a tennis racket, which provides amazing control and power. This paddle is slightly heavier than average so that you'll have the ability to put away winners after waiting for the right opening. The thin grip allows for smooth handling. 

The SuperNova Pro Graphite Paddle combines the best qualities of tennis rackets into a pickleball paddle that will surprise you with its versatility and consistent responsiveness.

ProLite SuperNova


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