The Maxima 21P MXO Composite Paddle was designed with the help of pro Morgan Evans, utilizing a long and strong model to help you reach new heights in your pickleball game! This super-stretched paddle is a full 17”, the longest measurement allowed by the USAPA. This means you get plenty of opportunity to surprise other players by returning balls they thought would be just out of reach. 

The Maxima 21P MXO Composite Paddle still has a moderately-sized handle length despite the length of its face, coming in at 5-1/8”, and a width of 7”. The grip circumference is a medium size, and the paddle ranges from 7.0 – 7.6 oz, allowing you to choose between a relatively light or more balanced weight. A “FiberStrong” composite face has more texture than most paddles, allowing you to put spin on balls more easily. 

The Maxima 21P MXO Composite Paddle is made to maximize your power and make the finesse required to spin a snap.

Selkirk Maxima


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